Need Help Keeping Your Home Clean?

Work with a professional cleaning service in Bozeman, MT

Keeping your home clean can feel like a full-time job. No matter how many times you scrub your floorboards and vacuum your carpets, they seem to get dirty again in no time. Luckily, you can pass the job off to Empress Cleaning, LLC. We provide professional cleaning and organization services to residential and commercial clients in the Bozeman, MT area.

You can focus on the rest of your to-do list while we make sure your home is squeaky clean. We even handle Airbnb cleanings for rental properties. Speak with our team today about your need for our cleaning services.

Consider these 3 reasons to hire Empress Cleaning

Wondering why you should hire Empress Cleaning for professional cleaning services? You'll want to hire us because...

  1. We're a locally-owned and -operated team, not an impersonal chain.
  2. We offer organization services in addition to cleaning.
  3. We build lasting relationships with our clients.

Whether you need residential cleaning services or rental property services, we're the right team for the job. Call 406-595-9293 now to hire our professional organizers.

If you've got a passion for cleaning and an eye for organization, we'd love to have you on our team! Our employees are part of our family, so you can expect fair wages and caring treatment. Since we're locally owned, you won't be just a cog in a big machine, you'll be a valued team member. Ask about our openings today.